Science of the Secondary: Egg

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"Ever since the egg has been perverted as a rich and readily available source of food for human beings, we have not thought much of it beyond its role in our diet. An altogether loathsome person was once overheard commenting (with complete disregard for the minuscule strength of a chick) that the brittleness of eggshells is meant for the convenience of the human hand. To allow a faint glimmer in the gloom of ignorance, we must begin to become conscious of the subtleties within each egg…" 'Science of the Secondary: Egg’ is the seventh edition in the series of ongoing research conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO. 175 x 250 mm 52 pages Saddle Stitched Photography & Illustrations in Full Colour English First Published in March 2016 Published by Atelier HOKO First Edition 1000 copies