17.50 EUR

Olivier Oosterbaan - Numbered and signed.

All the FIAT Panda's seen on the streets of Turin, photographed during a short-term stay there. An exaggerated kind of fandom / fanzine.

The insert contains historical text (in Italian) on the Panda, ranging from FIAT corporate newspaper articles on the design and purpose for the car, an interview with an employee who won the car in a contest, to equipment lists, and Quattroruote magazine placing the introduction of the Panda in a time of social turmoil.

In the execution, also an exploration of new reproduction techniques (Riso) and hand-made books (impossition, assembly, folding, stapling, pressing and cutting).

artist's book
b/w inside, two-tone cover
25 copies
Risograph RZ 970 E
printed at Print Club Torino
paper from Favini (80grs Shiro Echo White, 90grs Burano Sky Blue for insert, 200grs Burano Grey for cover)